Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Ashley Naftule is taking over the BOOTH in The Revival!!!

We have an announcement from YOUR Robot Destroyers of Planet Earth!

We're excited to announce that celebrated theatre artist, writer, and music expert Ashley Naftule will be taking on the tech booth for The Revival for the first quarter of 2017.

I asked him way too many questions about the up-coming shows and here are some thoughts from the man, the myth, the legend, the future bobble head, Ashley Naftule!

Our conversation rambled on about robots, our favorite dead pigeons, the Music Instrument Museum, sick dance moves, and dinosaur themed poetry. But, think I got some coherent thoughts together, which is almost impossible with the two of us talking.

I asked him about his thoughts of the music he would provide for pre-show and post-show...

"Since its Robot Destroyers, I was thinking of something sci-fi sounding: theremins and what not."

If he finds theremin tracks for us I will make doo doo in my chonies.

Then I asked him about his experiences as a record store employee and as a frequent fan in attendance at local music events. I wondered which mindset he would most likely fall into and how that will influence his choices for us.

"Probably more of my record store brain will be influencing the choices. The nice thing about late shows is you can make weird song choices and people will roll with them in ways they won't for earlier events."

We spoke at length about how excited I was to have him on board. We have a rare gem, a real-deal record store employee. It's as rare as a Pachycephalosaurus fossil. He ended his thoughts with a kind compliment.

"I'm too- I haven't seen a Destroyers show in ages, and you and Arturo always kill it."

I liked that he shortened our name to Destroyers. You're going to kill it too, Ash! That wasn't much of an interview. Well, I guess I'm not going to work for Tiger Beat any time soon. Dagnabbit!

The Torch's Revival is THIS Friday night at 10:30pm! It's at Space 55 Theatre and $5 cash gets you in. Go to for more info. Rodney is bringing their improvised music and Leslie Barton is bringing her face-slappin' comedy! Thank you and get revived!