Monday, September 28, 2015

Noche 2015 Artist Interview: Michelle Edwards

Michelle Edwards is an artist, graphic designer, musician, and improv performer working in Phoenix. She is one half of the amazing musical improv troupe Dangerville and one fifth of the equally amazing theatrical improv troupe Mail Order Bride. If you see a notification of either of those projects performing at The Torch Theatre or elsewhere, buy your ticket immediately.

Michelle is participating for the second time this year in Noche, and I sent her the five 2015 Noche artist questions. Here's her response:

Q: What kinds of art do you plan on bringing to this year's Noche event?  

A: I had found these pieces of wood in an alley. I thought the shape they were cut into was really interesting and that they deserved to be painted on. 

Q: If you were to pick a person or two or three to memorialize this year for Day of the Dead, who would it be?  

A: My four paintings are members of the 27 club, musicians who happen to die at the age of 27. I am particularly fond of Amy Winehouse.
Q: What do you try to accomplish with your art?

A: Honestly, I just like to create. I have little time to create things just for myself these days. I like to create things that could be hung in a home and add to the decor. It doesn't have to have some underlying statement for me, I just want it to be pleasing to the eye,
Q: Where else and when can we see more of your art in the future?

A: I only show art when friends ask me to be a part of something. I hope it happens more often.
Q: When you die what do you hope people put on your Dia de los Muertos altar?

A: I would hope to see many fancy cheeses, ginger beer, kittens, and several miniature musical instruments.

Thank you, Michelle!

This year's Noche is Friday, October 16 7-9pm at The Old Adobe Mission. That's at 3821 N. Brown St. in Old Town Scottsdale.

There will also be carved pumpkin art by my brother Brian, outdoor projections by the ultimate stand up dude Pat Klein, and live music by Adam & Edel. I hope to see you all there!

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