Friday, October 2, 2015

Noche 2015 Artist Interview: Dain Quentin Gore

Dain Quentin Gore is a creative, artistic force to be reckoned with. He is the most dazzling, surrealist, dreamist, whatever you call it painter in the world. His style and subject matter boggles the mind. He is also a puppeteer, an art professor, a sketch artist, a creator of decorative moveable cut-outs, and a film collaborator. He's also super funny and a great friend. Dain's spiritual mindscape is perfect for Noche and this is his second time participating! It's great to have him back. I've also heard that he convinced Martha Gore and Laura Perry into bringing in some original works as well. Too cool, Dain's a good guy to have by your side. Enjoy his words as he responds to the 5 Noche questions.

Q: What kinds of art do you plan on bringing to this year's Noche event? 

A: Original paintings, perhaps a few handmade characters, and lots of crafts that my mother made just for this show! Also, buttons and eyeballs!

Q: If you were to pick a person or two or three to memorialize this year for Day of the Dead, who would it be? 

A: My Uncle passed away last year: he's the first person I ever memorialized in a Dia de los Muertos style altar, which coincided with the annual altarpiece show at Burton Barr Library last year. Since that was so recent, I'm not sure who I would pick this year.

Q: What do you try to accomplish with your art? 

A: To get out my own weird thoughts and visions. To create new worlds, or at least characters and creatures that might inhabit one. To celebrate humanity and its imperfection. And, hopefully, to do all this with a sense of humor!

Q: Where else and when can we see more of your art in the future? 

A: I will be contributing a special piece at The House of Eternal Return in Santa Fe, New Mexico at the end of the year!

Q: When you die what do you hope people put on your Dia de los Muertos altar?

A: Tea Eggs!

Dain's work was a hit last year. So, make sure to stop on by to the Noche event this year. If you're lucky, you'll see one of his eyes bouncing around. 

The Noche Evening of the Arts celebrating the Day of the Dead is Friday, October 16 7-9pm at The Old Adobe Mission. That's at 3821 N. Brown St. in Old Town Scottsdale.

There will also be carved pumpkin art by my brother Brian, outdoor projections by Pat Klein, and live music by Adam & Edel. Don't miss it!

PS: The group that Dain is showing his art with in NM is called Meow Wolf, feel free to congratulate or mock him about this when you swing on over to Noche.

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