Thursday, October 1, 2015

Noche 2015 Artist Interview: Heather Smith-Gearns

Heather Smith-Gearns is a fantastic painter and sketch artist working in abstract, minimalistic, and expressionistic tones. Her imagination blooms like an orange blossom and it is always a delight to see her and her paintings at any event. Do you have a poetry reading at a coffee shop happening? She's perfect for it. Are you opening a high end art gallery in New York? She's perfect for it. Are you having a Kurt Vonnegut themed party at an anarchist library? She's perfect for it. Is your daughter's sweet sixteen birthday happening at a laser tag place? That's pushing it, but she is perfect for it. Also, she is perfect for Noche. Check out her responses to the 5 questions.

Q: What kind of art do you plan on bringing to this year's Noche event?
A: I'm planning on bringing Paintings. Acrylic on Canvas. I've been working more and more in abstract expressionism (bordering on color field), and am pretty excited to share some of the new work. I'm not sure yet how many, but I'm sure enough to place in a  somewhat visually pleasing manner. (This may or may not be successful, as art is subjective, especially mine) I'm also working on  some small personal altars, and had planned on making some paper flowers.

Q: If you were to pick a person or two or three to memorialize this year for the Day of the Dead, who would it be?
A: I think I would pick: 1. my Dad,  2. my Grandmothers - both sides(who I never met) 

Q: What do you try to accomplish with your art?
A: What I try to accomplish with my art is survival. Plain and simple. 

Q: Where else and when can we see more of your art?
A: You can see my art in December of this year at Improv Mania in Chandler, AZ. I am very excited about this, and have been working diligently to have a cohesive show ready for your viewing pleasure.

Q: When you die, what do you hope people put on your Dia de los Meurtos altar?
A: Tom Ka Kai (Thai chicken/coconut soup) AND Baskin Robbins- Jamoca Almond Fudge ice cream. Don't judge me. 

That was the exact perfect answer, you are amazing.... oh wait, you told me not to judge you. I take it back.

Anyhoo, come see Heather and her sensational work at Noche!

This year's Noche event is happening on Friday, October 16 7-9pm at The Old Adobe Mission. That's at 3821 N. Brown St. in Old Town Scottsdale.

There will also be carved pumpkin art by my maniac brother Brian, outdoor projections will be provided by Pat Klein. Adam & Edel will also be there to provide the live music. Don't miss this amazing night of the arts.

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